Our Horses

Smarty Pants

The Perfect First Ride

This little lady knows the program and understands her work inside out. She wasn’t named Smarty for no reason, some of the kids are convinced that she understands English! Smarty is one of our original rescued horses. She is a matriarch in our barn and most of our riders have fond memories of their first lessons with this gentle soul.


It Doesn’t Get Cuter Than This

Daisy is a distinctive looking Fjord pony, a rare and hardy breed from the mountains of Norway. She may be compact, but she is very strong and can hold her own on a large crosscountry course. On a more relaxed day, you can find Daisy moseying around on the lead line – looking as cute as a button.


Ride Like Royalty

Duke is a beautiful Fell Pony. They are known for their long, luscious, flowing black mane and tail. Hair like this doesn’t look after itself, but luckily, he absolutely loves to be brushed! This is his secret to staying so shiny and handsome. Riding Duke makes you feel like you’re in a fairy tale.


The Cover Girl of Blossom Hill Ranch

This girl is as photogenic and fabulous as they come. She is a hunters dream and pulls her knees to nose for a picture-perfect jump every time. Her moves don’t stop there – spot her on the show circuit flaunting her fancy gaits and even tearing it up on the cross-country course!

Blazing Billy

Tiny but Tremendous

Blazing Billy has all the awesome components of a big horse packed into his small (and very cute) frame. Billy is perfect for small riders to gain confidence and enjoy riding with his Cadillac-smooth paces.

Royal Essence

A Competitor at the Top of His Game

Royal has done dressage, novice eventing and 3ft hunters. Whatever your goals are, he is the perfect ride to get a feel for what a well-educated horse is like! It is not only good for your riding, but also as a model to aim towards when training your own horse. He is perfect for teaching correct feel and contact, and for getting a deeper understanding of how a competition horse feels and performs.


Born For Hunter Jumpers

Phoebe is a beautiful, stocky, large show pony. Her confirmation destined her to be a hunter jumper and blessed her with the smoothest gaits, elegant trot and easy to ride canter. Because of her natural talents you can see how much she loves her work. Everyday she waits by the gate to be brought in for lessons – that is when she is not indulging in his other favorite activity… napping in the sun!


Our Very Own Black Beauty

Ziggy has a glistening black coat and a powerful presence – when you see him at a competition he looks as though he has stepped off a movie set. Ziggy has been competing for years on the A-Circuit and all the way through to novice eventing. He loves his work so much that it is impossible not to have fun riding this horse!


The Gentle Giant

Max is a big puppy. He absolutely loves to be fussed over and will stand in the crossties happily whilst the kids plait his mane and tail and tend to his flowing feathers! His big round belly makes him great for riding bareback. His easy-going nature and even paces make his perfect for riders learning to canter.


The Princess of the Barn

Lola used to be the show queen of the west coast but has since come to us to teach our young riders the ropes of the competition scene. Her years of showing experience have made her sensitive and tuned in to her rider this quality paired with her dainty toe flicking gaits has her bringing home plenty of ribbons and smiles every time she goes out.


As Sweet as She Sounds

Honey’s forward and active paces will take you where you want to go with confidence and flair. Nothing phases this mare, with the bling to match her amazing personality. Honey is a people-horse, she loves being around people of all ages. A good scratch is her kryptonite! Her perfectly springy trot is ideal for teaching riders to post and gently assists them with the motion.

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