Boarding & Training

Blossom Hill Ranch offers their clients the best care for their horses possible. We are dedicated to providing an environment that is clean, safe and fun so that our boarders can truly enjoy their horses. The ranch is surrounded by miles of trails with all sorts of variety. The beautiful Murrieta Equestrian Center is only a quick 5-minute trail ride away. All boarders are required to be in the half or full training program.

Blossom Hill Ranch offers the following to its boarding clients:
  • One Riding Arena
  • One 60-foot Round Pen
  • Fully Gated Facility
  • Twice Daily Feeding
  • Daily Stall Cleaning
  • Access to the Best Trails in the Valley
  • Pipe Corrals, Barn Stalls and Pastures Available for Board!

Horse Board Pricing:


$450 per Month

Pipe Stall

$500 per Month

Barn Stall

$550 per Month

Half-Training (Board Required)

+$400 per Month (Includes two (2) lessons per week)

Full-Training (Board Required)

+$800 per Month (Includes five (5) training rides or lessons and one (1) turn-outs or lunges per week)

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